Friday, November 28, 2008

life on the couch...

well my friends i have officially sat for the longest amount of time ever... i think :) I had surgery tuesday and i havent been able to move much and im just so flippin bored!! All i can so is watch TV, eat, sleep and thats it.... ugh

so i move up to provo in about 2 weeks...crazy stuff!! I am so excited though it should be a blast! Lets see what else.... I got the lead in the forgotten carols at SUU and the show is December 5 at eight and Dec 6 at 4 and I think that everyone should come watch :) I am beyond excited for that... I have never really had a lead in a play and I really wanted this one and I got it so I am very proud of myself!

if ANYONE :) feels like visiting me today, tomorrow, the next day you know sometime over this break I would like it very very much! Thats all for now!!