Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas in a nutshell... <3


ok so even though there was a 18 hour drive to Corvallis oregon there and back and sickness (somehow i always manage to get sick on christmas... in fact i haven't eaten a christmas dinner on christmas in at least 4 years) and uncomfortable beds.... i loved every second of it. First of me and my mom and pops drove out to grandma and grandpa withrows house! I havent been there in quite some time and I really missed it... but the only downer was when i went there when I was little.... it was acre upon acre of christmas trees cause my grandpa owned a christmas tree farm... but not any more. grandpa is getting to old to deal with all the hassle so he started getting rid of it a couple years ago and now its just a hay field which was really weird to see but still beautiful!

I sawed down my OWN CHRISTMAS TREE!!! yes i did manual labour! :) it was alot harder than I thought but I managed to finish it off in about 10 minutes :) I wanted to use an axe but since i would probably chop a limb off i stuck with the saw..

best part about grandmas.... fireplace :) awww i love the fire place... REAL FIRE REAL WOOD!!! and i got to sleep by it at night on a big queen size airbed :) and the food is always amazing.. the anaual christmas cookies that is a secret family recipe that are SOOO YUMMY and tamale pie my personal fav and ice cream and coco.

we went shopping alot in albany and somewhat in corvallis... the big mall is in albany... i spent well over 200 bucks during the break :) 3 pairs of jeans 9 sweaters 7 purses 3 pairs of shoes a new camera and i caved... one wonderful pair of sweats ( oregon beaver sweats might i add ) but it was so much fun!

THE BEST PART OF CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Morgans phone call- or should i says calls :) yes we got two... be jealous. Morg called in the morning where we got to talk to her for about an hour and she sounded so good.. shes getting a little southern accent but she loves her mission and she loves everything about it! she is teaching amazing people and growing so much! THEN she called again that night where we got to talk to her again for about 45 minutes and she told us about her day what she did... her christmas presents and ya... we said good bye and of course i started crying... i cant help it! i miss her so much and i hate her being gone and not being able to talk to her.... but i know she is blessing me by her service so i guess im ok with it.

So yes that is christmas in a nutshell :) and tomorrow is my 19th birthday and its my last year to be a teen... shucks lol but i am excited to spend the day with my friends and family! and my roomie lisa is coming back to good old utah on the 2nd and im stoked cause i miss her like crazy! but yes.... well until next time!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

road tripping to oregon!

well im on the road again! but first.. big news! I moved back to my hometown lindon! I love it there and I'm there for good (for awhile at least). Its the best there! I love it so much and the snow is incredible! I love it!
K so now im back on the road... me and my parents are on our way to corvallis oregon to go spend christmas with my grandparents! Im really excited but i cant wait to get there because I havent been out to their house in a long time and it will be fabulous! Right now we are in Burns Oregon which is about 5 hours away in good weather but its supposed to have severe weather warnings all day tomorrow the whole route so who knows how bad the roads will be.
MORE EXCITING NEWS!!!! I get to talk to my sissy in 5 DAYS!!!! YAY!!!! I cant wait to talk to her again!!!!! She sends a weekly email and its usually and epistle but its always good, I get letters usually cause she doesnt have time to email me and my parents but i dont have time to snail mail her so I email!
Well thats it for now! Until later!