Thursday, June 4, 2009

almost state!!

AHH! State is tomorrow!! well technically i dont compete till saturday but I am going to the 80's party tomorrow and the pj party and just going to watch the other girls compete! Im so excited!!!! For me its not about winning... although that is an added bonus :) Its about having fun, performing, and meeting new friends... Its not about the crown... It about feeling confident in your own skin and showing others that you can do anything you set your mind to! SO WONDERFUL!!!
So lately Ive had this obession with looking at photography... I love looking at pictures by amazing photographers.. for instance I love Zena Holloway... she does amaxing underwater shoots and its so cool!! i wish i could be this amazing photographer cause I love to take picures but im totally one of those girls who just snaps the camera whenever without trying to actually capture something... There are some girls who are my age who are wonderful photographers... Sammi Jeppson (well beardall ) is really good... not going to lie i look at her blog site all the time to see what kind of new projects she is up to.. so sammi if you are reading this i think you are incredible at what you do :)
well thats all for now!! I'll post what happens on saturday!!

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