Sunday, July 12, 2009

the american idol journey part one

well I have officially started the American idol journey! My mom and I drove to Grand Junction on Friday, the finished the drive to Denver Saturday... DENVER IS HUGE!!! I've been to some big cities but its seems endless! Its so weird cause you look to the east and you see flat terrains with lots of buildings... nothing else. Then you look to the west and you see crazy amounts of mountains... total opposite but incredible at the same time. So today at 4 am we woke up and went over to Invesco field at mile high and got in line to get registered. It was 4:30 am and there were at least 3000 people already there. So we got in line sat down and waited... and did some more waiting. I talked to some people, the girl behind me auditioned last year at SLC and made it to the third round of producers so it was good to hear what she had to say... to kind of understand the process a bit more. So after 4 hours of waiting we finally got registered. I got my sweet orange wristband and seat tickets and my mom got her blue wristband ( orange=contestant and blue=guest). So I don't have to go in line again till Tuesday, the actual audition day. So tomorrow we are just going to go play in Denver and sight see, shop, the usual. So this is part one of the journey. I'm so excited!!! and scared to death at the same time but it should be good... its a fun experience and I least I can go till I'm 28... but I'm hoping that I only have to do this year :) So I'll update this Tuesday or Wednesday depending on what time i get finished with the auditions. Wish me Luck!!!


Jay said...

Good luck, Stacia. I know you'll do great. Glad you like Denver, it's one of my favorite places in the world. You should head downtown and check out the 16th Street Mall (it's not really a mall, but 16th Street is closed to everything but pedestrian traffic and it's lined with cool shops and historic buildings).

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